Niasvizh: Audioguide




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Niasvizh: Audioguide

Niasviž is a mysterious city with a rich history, located a hundred kilometers away from Minsk. On June 22-24, The Evenings of the Bolshoi Theater in the Castle of the Radziwills will take place there. It is an excellent opportunity to relax and immerse yourself in an amazing theatrical atmosphere in the palace, which belonged to the most wealthy and influential family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.





Together with MTS, we have created a podcast about Niasviž and its heart – a fabulous palace and park complex, the residence of the Radziwills. Life was constantly boiling there with balls and theatrical performances. Underground roads, family ghosts, tribal tombs, legends, intrigues, and mystifications. The past and present of Niasviž is a real mix of genres. Hear the thriller, romcom and historical saga in one podcast! 

Download the podcast in Russian, Belarusian, or English, and head for a trip to a bygone era, when the world was unhurried and the distances were long.



Credits: Maria Gulina (author), Boris Nikolaychik (editor), Alexandra Murashko (translation), Olga Tiashkevich (voice), KorneJ (sound design).

Music: Anton Henric Radziwill – Introduction & Duo Grethen and F., Georg Händel – Music for the Royal Fireworks (Movement 4: La Rejouissance), Audiolounge - Happy Marimba, Puddle of Infinity – Wind Marching For Rain, Paul Romero – Heroes of Might and Magic III: Necropolis theme, Unicorn Heads – Boardroom Theme, Doug Maxwell – Invitation to the Castle Ball

Cover photo: palasatka



ЧУП «Проспектпресс», УНП ‎101520868



Author:   34travel


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