Turau in 12 Minutes: Podcast




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Turau in 12 Minutes: Podcast

In a new episode of our audioproject, we’re traveling to Turaŭ,
one of the most ancient cities of Belarus.

Here, amid the impassable swamps and forests of Palessie, on the bank of the willful Pripyat true magic took place and history was created. We’ll go for a walk at the Turaŭ meadow and try to see a terek-sandpiper. We’ll stay a bit at the Castle Hill to feel the power of the ages and imagine great things that were happening here many centuries ago. We’ll talk to the locals to hear all the mysterious legends – and to believe them. 






Credits: Viktoria Tereshonok (text), Olga Tyashkevich (voice), Bazhena Gurlenia (translation), Plato Sound (sound design).

Cover photo: murmurash


Music: Causmic – Flight To Tunisia, Twin Musicom – Journey in the New World, Audionautix – The Mighty Kingdom, The Mini Vandals – Fanta Mankane, ann annie – Fern, Quincas Moreira – Beijaflor, Reed Mathis – Sleepless Aloha


This project is supported by MTS


ЧУП «Проспектпресс», УНП ‎101520868



Author:   34travel


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