Beautiful Country – Photo Essay about Belarus by Kasia Syramalot




Author:   palasatka



Beautiful Country – Photo Essay about Belarus by Kasia Syramalot

From Niasviž to Svietlahorsk, from Navahrudak to Vulica Brasil Festival – here is the collelction of beautiful shots
by our art director Kasia Syramalot taken in different parts of Belarus.


The camping in the village of Šabli, summer 2017



GUM in Minsk, winter 2016-2017



Kids playing football after classes. Kamianiec, 2017



Sheep and lambs. Ružany, 2017



Freaky Summer Party. Minsk, 2017



"Strana Mini" Museum. Мinsk, 2017



Siarhei Michalok's show at Šabli, 2017



A haymaker and his wife. Navahrudak, 2016



The participant of Vulica Brasil Festival. Minsk, 2017



The vaults of the church in the village of Muravanka, 2017


Under the sign of the legendary Minsk bar "Malako" at the village of Šabli, 2017


Stage by "Bassota" at the summer festival FSP. Minsk, 2017


Summer in Navahrudak, 2009



A woman in the sun. Lida, 2017



The church under Lachavičy, the village of Dareva, 2017



Ilya Cherepko, the frontman of "Petlia Pristrastija" band, stage diving at their show. Мinsk, 2017



A cymbalist. Summer 2009



The beach. Lida, 2016



Mirum Music Festival. The line for shawarma. Mir, 2017



The center of Svietlahorsk, summer 2017



The evening in Navahrudak, 2016



A flight attendant at the presentation of the new Belavia airplane, 2016



Minsk, 2017



One of the buildings of the mansion under Lachavičy, 2017



Svietlahorsk, 2017



Ščučyn, 2017



Lena Tsokalenko's fashion show in the Red Yard. Minsk, 2016



The palace in Kossava during the reconstruction. The dog love triangle, 2017



GUM. Мinsk, 2016



Minsk, summer 2016



The mansion in Žałudok, 2017



Summer evening in Navahrudak, 2016



Niasviž, 2017



The church in Kossava, 2017



Vulica Brazil Festival at Kastryčnickaja Street. Мinsk, 2017



Minsk, December 2016



The boy looking at the Christmas windows. GUM, Мinsk, 2016



The fireworks in Minsk, May 9, 2017


Photos by palasatka



Author:   palasatka


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