Kastrychnickaja Street: Audioguide




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Kastrychnickaja Street: Audioguide

Kastryčnickaja Street today is modern art, huge murals, large-scale festivals, delicious street food and endless parties.  In the new episode of the audioseries about Minsk by 34travel and MTS we are going back in time to see how the unfriendly industrial outskirts have turned into the most popular and vibrant street of the city. 





From the pioneers of Kastryčnickaja brothers Rakaŭščyki and their yeast distillery to creative hubs, legendary bars, parties all night long and gigantic murals. We've tried to pack a beautiful story of our favorite place into a ten-minute podcast. 

Download the audioguide in English and go walk along the street which is still breathing with hopes and changes. 


Credits: Yulia Mironava (text), Boris Nikolaychik (editor), Volha Tiashkevich (voice), Alexandra Murashko (translation), KorneJ  (sound design).

Music: Quincas Moreira - Bongo Madness, Kevin MacLeod - Dark Standoff, Puddle Of Infinity - Procession, Kevin MacLeod - Minima, U.S. Army Band - 1812 Overture, Jingle Punks - Official National Anthem, Max McFerren - All I Can Do Is This, Drew Banga - BoogieBounce, Letter Box - Up Above, Asher Fulero - Ionic Magnet, Text Me Records / Bobby Renz - Vamos,  Jimmy Fontanez/Doug Maxwell - Urban Lullaby

Cover photo: palasatka



ЧУП «Проспектпресс», УНП ‎101520868



Author:   34travel


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