Street art in Minsk

For a long time Minsk was a city known for its clean and empty streets. In 2013 a local street-artist Dream used to joke that in order to make a Minsk street-art excursion you have to paint all the street art a night before. Then some first officialy approved projects appeared: these were the festivals Urban Myths and Vulica Brazil as well as Signal Project – a magazine that appeared in 2011 to portray current street art. Urban festival Vulica Brazil festival happened for several years in a row and Belarusian and Brazilian artists together turned Kastryčnickaja street in one of the most popular and trendy streets in Minsk. There you can find all kinds of street art: big murals and small pictures, art objects and installations. Here are some of the best spots that you should not miss if you want to get an impression of street art in Minsk.


vul. Karła Marksa 25

by Mitya Pislyak

This is a graphic reproduction of a picture “Portrait of the wife with flowers and fruit” by Belarusian artist Ivan Hrucki, which appeared in 2015 after a crowdfunding campaign.



by Mitya Pislyak

vuł. Čyhunačnaja, 31-1

Still Life



vuł. Biełaruskaja, 14

by Siarhiej Rusak

Tenderness of the connection between human and nature



vuł. Sviardłova, 30

by Mutus




vuł. Internacyjanalnaja, 11

by Mutus and Mikałaj Niačaj-Nicevič

Star Generation



vuł. Kastryčnckaja, 16

by Siarhiej Kiruščanka

Line Of The Horizon



vuł. Kastryčnckaja, 16

by Cowek

Folklore musician from Belarusian fairy-tales



vuł. Kastryčnckaja, 16

by Rogerio Fernandes

Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and kissing giraffes – one of the first mural during Vulica Brazil festival.



vuł. Kastryčnckaja, 16

by Izum

Portrait of Karol Jan Čapski – he was a head of the city in Minsk in the end of the XIX century and made a lot for the city’s development: a theatre, a first tram line and a first powerhouse were built, and the city itself became more comfortable for the citizens.



vuł. Kastryčnckaja, 19

by Alexei Antony

Infinity and pipes. While on Kastryčnckaja don’t forget to look up at the pipes on the roof of the buildings.




vuł. Kastryčnckaja, 19-5

by Ramon Martins

Caleidoscopio de Belarus 



vuł. Kastryčnckaja – bridge near the stadium

by Rimon Guimarães

Quadro in quadrinhos (Picture in pictures)



vuł. Kastryčnckaja, 25

by SPETO & L7M & Bazinato 



vul. Niamiha, 14

by L7matrix

Hummingbird multi mearum traditionum (Multiethnic hummingbird)



praspiekt Mašerava, 9 (Korpus

by Diego Dedablio

Amana (Rain). Don’t forget to go inside the building – there are a lot of concerts, lectures and all kind of informal events going here.



vul. Kalvaryjskaja, 18

by Zéh Palito

Naturezza Sublime



vul. Ramanaŭskaja Słabada, 5

by Dante Horoiwa

Cortando as memorias (Cutting the memories)



vul. Rabkoraŭskaja, 13

by Deih

Jarylo – modern interpretation of Slavic god of springtime



vul. Rabkoraŭskaja,15

by Guido van Helten

Girl in vyshivanka was named among the best murals created before 2017



vul. Aeradromnaja, 17

by Kislow

Legend of the river – this work tells the legend of the Niamiha river in Minsk.



vul. Varanianskaha, 13/1

by Ino

A man without face. This work caused many argues between local people – some of them considered it too gloomy and even started a petition to paint it over.



vul. Bryleŭskaja, 24

by Millo

Everywhere I go



vul. Fabryčnaja, 22

by Mutus & Tinho



vul. Enhielsa, 34A

by Osgemeos

A famous yellow man on Brazil Embassy wall.



vul. Kalvaryjskaja, 7

by Toes



vul. Kalinina, 1

by Rimon & Kontra



vul. Niamiha, 30

by Finok



by Mitya Pislyak, Cowek, Kontra and Grapewave

Pulichava, 3; Pulichava, 24; Pieršamajskaja, 26; Frunzie, 7; Zacharava, 19; Kazłova, 8; Daŭhabrodskaja, 10/1; zav. Vajskovy, 15.

March Cats

8 cats in Partyzanski district appeared in march 2015. Two of them were lost when the building was demolished or painted over, but later 4 more appeared. You can find a map here.



 More info:

Vulica Brazil-2017   |   Street art in Minsk   |   Must Act Projects


Photos by Yulia Savich, Tanya Kapitonova




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