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 Where your child can get acquainted with science and art through games or and have fun on slides, trampolines, labyrinths, and races – here is our guide to Minsk for children. 



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Museums & Galleries


Just recently, the museums of Minsk have not been very fond of little children. But lately, these institutions have become friendlier for a young audience: there are interactive excursions, quests, game activities, paleontology rooms.

The National Art Museum (vulica Lienina, 20). You probably know that here you can find collections of the ancient Belarusian art, fine art of Europe, China, Japan and Asia, as well as paintings and graphics by the masters of decorative and applied arts of Belarus of the 20th century. But children will enjoy interactive programs and game museum classes more. Sometimes they organize “children days” here, when children of any age have access to the “Museum City of Arts”: they collect puzzles, draw, model, take pictures, complete quests and have fun.

The Historical Museum (vulica Karla Marksa, 12)  is worth visiting with children. Even if during your visit there are only serious exhibitions for adults, you can always leave the child in the children's room (unfortunately, there are no such rooms in other museums), or in the paleontologist's room, where children can participate in archaeological excavations.

The Museum of Childhood (praspiekt Niezaležnasci, 28, room 24a) is, in fact, a toy museum. Here they understand that it is much more interesting for boys and girls not only to walk around the museum and stare at the dolls but to play with them, solve quests and take part in “adventures”. There are about 450 exhibits in the museum. 

The Cat Museum (vulica Internacyjanalnaja, 23).  Here you can play with cats, draw them and exhibit your picture right here in the museum, have a look at works of art with cats playing the main role and drink tea in the company of cats in a cat cafe.

There are four science museums in Minsk: the Museum of Entertaining Sciences Kvantum (praspiekt Gaziety Pravda, 29), the Park of Scientific Miracles Evrikum (vulica Piatra Mscislaŭca, 11), Elemento (praspiekt Niezaležnasci, 116) and Experimentus (praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, 9). Kvantum is the largest one and is focused on science. There is a planetarium, a fire engine, crooked mirrors and a room with soap bubbles. Evrikum is more entertaining with a rotating tunnel, glass labyrinths, and a gravity room. Elemento is located in the National Library and offers a small collection of scientific exhibits. And in Experimentus you can conduct various experiments and observe unusual physical phenomena.

Minsk Planetarium (vulica Frunze, 2). The Minsk Star Hall is located in the lively Park Horkaha right in the city center. Spherical films sessions take place every hour and the tickets are really cheap.

Children's Railroad (praspiekt Niezaležnasci, 86). This is a spacious train station with a cashier and a waiting room, as well as a working railway and a small museum of trains. The train takes its passengers to picturesque places. Remarkably, children are the entire staff of the railway. The railroad operates from May to October.

You can see all the key sights of Belarus in a couple of hours in the Museum “Strana Mini” (praspiekt Niezaležnasci, 25). There are miniature copies of the Mir and Niasviž castles, the Paustoŭvsky Palace in Kossava, the Kamianec Tower, the Brest Fortress and other significant architectural and natural monuments of our country. 






There are entertainment centers for children in almost every major shopping mall. They are like indoors amusement parks.: slides, trampolines, tangled mazes, racing, dinosaurs, and laser tag. 

Family entertainment center Bumper Park (praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, 84) and Karamelka. Karamelka is a network of children's centers in various shopping malls of Minsk. It is a huge space with trampolines, gaming rides, carousels, and cafes. In Bumper Park you'll find a large maze, the inflatable Sponge Bob city, slot machines, billiards, racing machines, shooters, and a huge circuit.

If your child is crazy about dinosaurs, then it is worth dropping by the Dinosavria park (vulica Prytyckaha, 29). Here the models of different dinosaurs tell stories about themselves: in what era they lived, what they ate, and what sizes they reached. They also sing, dance and joke with children.

Titan (praspiekt Dziaržynskaha, 104) is one of the very first entertainment centers in Minsk. Therefore, entertainment for children here is traditional: a maze, a family bowling, air hockey, Q-ZAR laser battles, and a laser shooting gallery.

Basillion (vulica Dzianisaŭskaja, 8-2) is located a bit away from the city center. There is a labyrinth, a trampoline, a pool with balls, modern toys, a bright interior and a spacious hall.

At the Mahiliouskaja subway station there is the entertainment center "Yeti and Deti" (Partyzansky praspiekt, 150a). This is a small entertainment center with a zone for kids and a labyrinth. It is usually pretty calm here and not noisy here, there are not many children, and the staff is very friendly. For parents, there are sofas and free wi-fi.

In Cosmo (vulica Cimirazieva, 123) you and your child will enjoy five-meter slides and bowling, a labyrinth, tangled tunnels, and hanging bridges.

Well, who has not dreamed of visiting the Lego Center? Just imagine a huge number of bright details, wooden railway, lots of rubber and plastic cubes in one place. Head for L-club (vulica Surhanava, 57b).

Banana city (praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, 9) is one of the newest children's centers in Minsk. It differs from its fellows with a variety of play areas and attractions. There are huge pools with balls, mazes, and trampolines.





The Trapezia climbing wall (praspiekt Dziaržynskaha, 91) is the largest climbing wall in Belarus, which offers 250 climbing routes for adults and children from 5 years old.

Besides the climbing wall and the rope park in the Joy Jump Center (vulica Niemanskaja, 67), you can jump on trampolines or learn parkour. There are 31 trampolines and 3 foam pits.

Trampoline center Misteria (vulica Adeskaja, 14) is located in a residential area of Minsk. In one hall, there are 18 trampolines at once and a huge foam hole. 

Do you like carting? Then the road leads to the two-level carting center Kartland (vulica Skryhanava, 12). Feel the smell of hot rubber and iron, catch adrenaline and excitement, become the first among equals.

Forsage Carting Center (praspiekt Dziaržynskaha, 91) is an open track, where everyone can test their abilities in speed and maneuverability.

In Minsk there are bowling clubs where children will be welcome. One of them is Bowling House (praspiekt Niezaležnasci, 117а). The club has 10 lanes, four of which are equipped with special rising sides that do not allow the balls to leave the track.

The bowling center Madison (vulica Cimirazieva, 9) was opened in 1999. For children, the club has a bowling alley (10 modern lanes, some have special bumpers and slides). If a child gets tired of throwing balls, then he or she can always be taken to the children's sector “Barberry”: a multi-level labyrinth, children's play machines, toys, and new friends.

In Minsk, there is no sea and beaches, but there are water parks, where you get a feeling of a resort. One of the largest aqua zones is the Liabyažy Water Park (praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, 120). The entertainment zone is located on the shore of the Drazdy water reservoir, so silence and peace reign here. There is a summer outdoor pool, a spa center, a thermal zone, surf training pools, waterfalls, and steep slopes.

The water park has a younger brother – the Mandarin Sports Complex (vulica Hierasimenki, 51). Here you can also swim in the pools, soak in the thermal zone or play with the child in the children's pools.

There is also a relax zone in the center of the city – the water park Freestyle (vulica Surhanava, 4a). The waterpark is loved by citizens for all sorts of promotions and discounts. There are 6 high-speed slides, children's pools, a playground, a “lazy river”, infrared baths, a thermal complex and a bowling alley.

A visit to the skating rink will be a good idea to get acquainted with sports as well. There are a lot of ice palaces in Minsk where you can go ice skating (there you can rent skates themselves). Write down the addresses: Minsk Arena (praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, 111), Minsk Ice Palace (vulica Prytyckaha, 27), a skating rink near the Palace of Sports at Niamiha (praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, 4a), Chyžoŭka Arena (vulica Taškenckaja, 49). Another great option for exploring ice skating is an indoor ice rink in the Zamok shopping mall (praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, 65).


Parks & Gardens



Park Horkaha (vulica Frunze, 2) is a true heart of the city. Its territory is equipped with many traditional amusement rides, and in the summer there is a bicycle rental and a pleasure boat. Here you can look at Minsk from a bird's-eye view if you buy a ticket for the Ferris wheel. In the center of the park there is a small pond with ducks and a Planetarium,  which broadcasts children's spherical films.

Minsk residents have been resting in Park Čaluskincaŭ (praspiekt Niezaležnasci) for a long time. Today, people come here for peace and tranquility. Mothers are walking slowly with strollers, grandfathers play chess in the shade, young people go in for sports. By the way, there is an open dance floor in the park.

The Botanical Garden (vulica Surhanava, 2c) is located next to the Park Čaluskincaŭ. It is one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe. Today there are more than 10,000 species of plants that bloom all year round. It may seem that it will not be very interesting for children to walk among the plants, but if you get to the middle of the park, you'll see a lake with swans.

Dreamland (vulica Arloŭskaja, 80) renews its concept completely this year: it will be an urban park with active zones. Every weekend, from May to September, city festivals are held in the park: street food, relaxation areas, educational and entertainment. In the second part of the park, there is an outdoor water park with swimming pools, including a children's one, and a playground for kids.

DinoPark (vulica Taškenckaja, 40) is another unusual park. It is located on the territory of the Minsk zoo. There are no animals in the park, but there are interactive dinosaurs that roar, move and even breathe. 

Park Piramohi (praspiekt Pieramožcaŭ, 45) is one of the most beautiful parks in Minsk. It is located on the lake Kamsamolskaje. There are no amusement rides here, but there are a big fountain, long alleys, and a bicycle path. You can rent a bike or a catamaran right here in the park. But the trip to Bird Island, which is separated from the park by a bridge, will be especially interesting for children. 





Family Club (vulica Pieršamajskaja, 3а) is located in Park Horkaha. Besides the children's menu and an open terrace in the summer, there is a children's room and animators. On weekends there are often themed holidays with workshops and games.

In the children's cafe Piratskaja Buhta (Pirate Bay) (vulica Enhelsa, 20) you can become a real pirate and go on a dangerous journey. The cafe is small and is located in the Puppet Theater. It is better to book a seat in advance.

Unlike the cafes listed above, there is always a place to sit in Lido (vulica Kulman, 5A). But on weekends, a children's room can be booked for a birthday. But if it is free, on Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., children can play with an animator or watch a soap bubbles show. As for food,  Lido is famous for home cooking.

You can enjoy pastries and take part in creative workshops or children's readings in the coffee and pastry shop (zavulak Pieršy Zagaradny, 20). There is a large children's area with toys for kids.

Not far from the bustle of the city, there is the cozy eco-restaurant Razdolle (P23 Minsk-Slutsk highway), where you can get closer to Belarusian cuisine. The dishes here are cooked from organic farm products.

The Garage network provides an opportunity for every child to play with real cooking tools and please moms and dads with their culinary masterpiece.

In fact, on weekends many Minsk cafes and restaurants offer children's programs and cooking classes. For example, the pan-Asian cuisine restaurant Shikari (vulica Surhanava, 50) offers children to cook sushi. And the Italian restaurant IL Patio (vulica Surhanava, 50) prepares young pizza makers.

There is a children's room with toys and entertainment in the restaurant Veranda (praspiekt Dziaržynskaha, 57). Therefore, parents can talk quietly and spend time together, while the kids are busy playing in the right setting. The institution arranges children's parties as well  (a special menu and entertainment included).

A cafe in the Stalichny Shopping Center (praspiekt Niezaležnasci, 52) can also be visited with children: there is a nice bright interior, there are special play areas and entertainment, and you will find everything that kids love in the menu (pastries, milkshakes, cocoa). 

If your kid loves ice cream, you can get a tasty portion of cold delicacy at Baskin Robins, Marconi, and 33 Penguins. Pay special attention to Cafe Morzhe (vulica Surhanava, 31): they sell natural yogurt ice cream with a minimum of sugar.





Cultural programme

Author:   34travel


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